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Module Construction Materials & Tools: - Hardware, copper wire, Molex connectors, terminal blocks, WAGO nuts, tools, etc. - High quality pre-cut, pre-drilled wooden framing and bolt-on legs for modules. (Components for installation of “pocket leg system” not currently available from this source.) - tubular steel and aluminum support systems (legs) - Custom-made gray drapes and Velcro. - USA Track, manufacturer of Standard Gauge track and all related components including made-to-order insulated-outer-rail track for use with track-activated accessories. Contact Kirk Lindvig for more information. - Electronic relays for use with track-activated accessories. - Manufacturer of indoor/outdoor green and gray “Perfection” carpet for use on top of modules and beneath track. Contact Regina Duckett / / Customer Service – to obtain information on local retailers in your area selling green and gray “Perfection” carpet. Alternatively, to obtain info on availability at Home Depot of green and gray "Perfection" carpet, contact Loretta Bartley / / Home Depot Carpet Sales. - Standard Gauge track and switches. - ¼” x 9" x 48" clear polycarbonate LEXAN sheet for module’s fascia.

Module Accessories & Scenery: - Britannia Models, sole North American importer of the tinplate ACE train station canopies. For latest availability, contact John Pilling at: - Metal bridges. - Full range of classic tinplate accessories. – Full range of miniature trees suitable for use on modules. - Reproductions of classic Lionel Standard Gauge mountain tunnels and plots. - Modular overhead catenary and elevated track systems that can be custom-ordered for use with Standard Gauge track and trains. - Detailed metal girder bridges. - Laser-cut bridges that can be custom-ordered for use with Standard Gauge track. - Tinplate station accessory. - Source for classic lead figurines.

Standard Gauge Train Manufacturers: - Reproduction Lionel No. 5, No. 6 and No. 7 Standard Gauge locomotives and 10 series freight cars. - Tinplate Traditions line of reproduction Lionel, American Flyer, Ives, and Dorfan Standard Gauge locomotives and cars. - New website for joint venture by Lionel/MTH to manufacture new Lionel Corporation tinplate trains.

Standard Gauge Train Parts: - Joe Mania offers a large selection of parts. - Jeff Kane’s - S & W Parts Supply. - Henning's Trains.

Check Ebay for parts available at auction.


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